A network expanding limitlessly from the port of Yokohama to the seas in the world.

Tomijima Total Transportation System

T.T.T.S has realized ideal transportation for precision machines to large, heavy loads.

Tomijima is based in Yokohama, one of the leading international sea ports.
Our Yokohama Distribution Center and Yokohama No. 2 Distribution Center are both located close to the port of Yokohama, giving us the great advantage of immediately transporting packed goods by sea. We offer rational and smooth services of transportation unrivaled by other companies. However large the cargoes may be, we can achieve such services by centrally controlling all the stages, including transportation, packing, warehousing, customs clearance, ship loading and delivery to overseas users.

As for the transportation of semi-conductor equipment or precision machines, which require meticulous care for handling, you can trust, with peace of mind, our company armed with a wealth of experience and unique technologies. From receipt of export products to delivery to overseas users, and from import of products manufactured abroad to delivery to users in Japan––it is our job to plan and offer a total logistics service to our clients.

Service information


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We at our company have a wide range of data in stock from our rich experience and proven track record. We also conduct research into, and collect information on, port conditions and traffic situations all over the world, in an effort to come up with proposals and give advice on logistics suitable to any situations.
The transportation conditions and packing specifications are varied from one destination to another, mainly depending on the country of destination.
In order to ensure optimal/best packing of cargo and its delivery to the end user, it is necessary to take into consideration and satisfy all of such requirements.

03Process plan

We consider it most important to satisfy the needs of a customer with our transportation technologies, by making use of our know-how to full advantage. We provide services to prepare a transportation plan by accommodating the needs and situations of a customer.


Packing is Tomijima's main strength. The know-how accumulated for it, is unmatched by other competitors.
We are equipped with facilities to design packing, using a CAD system, and a production line of wooden boxes and steel panels, and, therefore, capable to respond to any type of cargo. We also conduct studies of new materials and packing specifications of the next generation.


We have a bonded storage place adjoining each of our packing plants. This enables us to take various procedures for customs clearance quickly, and procedures for export or import, at optimal timing for the customer, helping to achieve a great cost reduction.

0403Customs clearance

Assigning experienced customs brokers to strategic locations, we make accurate declarations, complying with relevant regulations.


We are equipped with many overhead cranes (one with a maximum capacity of 130 tons) and forklift trucks.
Both our Yokohama Distribution Center and Yokohama No. 2 Distribution Center have wharfs for our exclusive use, and it is possible to load packed cargo into barges directly, by using an overhead crane projecting over the sea. Barges, which allow direct carriage of large cargo to the port of destination, realize a drastic reduction of energy and carbon dioxide gas, as well as costs for transportation.

05Loading onto ships

We coordinate the loading of cargoes onto a vessel, to suit the properties of cargoes, either heavy lifts or super-precision machines, of our clients.
We also attend, at the request of our clients, to overseas import procedures and installation of cargoes at the place of destination.

06Over-seas users

We also provide services to deliver goods to overseas users on the basis of contracts.
We check cargo, upon arrival at the place of the overseas user, to see whether it is in a good condition.
We reflect the result of carriage for the perfection of packing specifications.
We realize better transportation, by obtaining the latest information about various places, with assistance from local agents.
We do not stop at only delivering cargo...that is vital for the improvement of our quality.